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How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

Duplicate Post plugin help you copying page or post and can also duplicate the comments, slug, menu order, and much more.

To clone your WordPress posts or pages using Duplicate Post, follow below steps:

Install and activate the plugin.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on Pages -> All Pages (if you want to clone a page) or Post -> Post (if you’re going to clone a post).

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’
i- you can click on Clone link below the post/page title: this will immediately create a copy and return to the list.
ii- you can select one or more items, then choose Clone in the Bulk Actions dropdown to copy them all at once.
iii- you can click on New Draft link below the post/page title.

You will see the cloned page after click Clone

you can click on Quick Edit or Trash in the admin bar.

The plugin allows you to add title prefix , so you’ll know which one is the original and which one is the copy. You can choose what to copy in the plugin setting and click Save Setting after done.

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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