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How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress Post

Galleries are an appropriate option for posts displaying many visuals like photographs or graphics. Whether you’re a travel blogger sharing your recent journey, or a designer creating a portfolio, galleries are a refined way to exhibit your stories and work.

Here's how you can create your own gallery:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on either Post or Page, depending on where you wish to create the Gallery. In this example, I'm going to create the Image Gallery using Post.

Click Add Media button as seen below.

Click on Create Gallery.

Click on your desired images to be included inside your Image Gallery as seen below. Remember to click on Create a New Gallery button at the bottom right corner.

This is how it looks like after pressing the Create a New Gallery button. Do take note several Gallery Settings on your right side as seen below:

Here’s what each of those Gallery options mean.

Link To
It has two options. Namely, Attachment Page which opens each image as a separate page, Media File which opens the actual image, and None which triggers no action on click.

You can use this option to decide the number of image columns you want in your gallery. In this example, I shall be using 2 columns for my image gallery.

Random Order
Selecting this would display the images in your gallery randomly, without any particular order.

It helps you the display size of images in your posts. It gives four options, which are Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full Size.

Here is my Image Gallery options which you may want to follow just in case:

Click on the Insert Gallery button once you're done.

Here's how my Image Gallery looks like (using 2 Columns) in the final appearance. Click on the Publish button if you're happy with the image gallery.

###What's Next?
The above tutorial is cater for basic Image Gallery in WordPress. For more advanced Image Gallery design , you may consider FooGallery plugin and NextGen Gallery plugin.

Updated on: 15/01/2019

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