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How to Add Images & Image Link to Your WordPress Sidebar

You can always use a widget to insert an Image and adding links into it. For more advanced user, they may want to use basic HTML codes to perform the same task.

Adding an image link to your WordPress sidebar is not much different than adding any other meta data. Below is a quick tutorial on how you can add image links to your sidebar in your Wordpress site.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance >> Editor.

Click on Sidebar.php link as shown below on the right navigation bar.

With the sidebar.php file open in the editor, you can edit the code and add your image. The snippet of code below is an image link that points to our Unicart Ecommerce Hosting Package. Notice the <img> tag uses the URL of an image which have been uploaded to our sample tutorial domain.

<a href=""
             title="Ecommerce Hosting Plan">
             <img src=""
             alt="Unicart FX" />

Once you have entered the code and ensured your image is in the right location, click on the Update File button to save the change and activate the code.

Below is a shot of the test site with the Shopping Cart image link pointing to our Unicart FX Ecommerce Hosting package.

Updated on: 17/01/2019

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