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How Do I SSH into My Server?

In order to ssh into your server You will need a ssh client on your local computer to establish a ssh connection to your server. For windows you will need to download an application called "PuTTY".

Putty can be found at

Once it is downloaded you will then run the putty.exe file. You will then be prompted with the connection box. Fill in the correct username, password and hostname of the server in which you wish to connect to.

Once you have connected to the server you should have an open secure shell to your server.

For OS X you just need to open which is located in in your Utilities directory in the Applications folder.

Double click on the to open a new terminal session. From there you will type in the below command to initiate a ssh session to your server.



ssh root@

If this is the first time ssh'ing into your server you will be prompted to save the RSA key fingerprint to your computer. Simply type "yes" and press enter. Once this is done you will be asked to enter in the password for the user on the server in which you want to connect to. Type in the password and press enter. (Please note that no text will be displayed when typing in your password.)

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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