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Google Mail Fetcher Setup for cPanel Email Account (SSL Settings)

NOTE: This method is only applicable for POP3 email settings not IMAP.
This means that your email only gets downloaded, it doesn't get synced back to the server.
Gmail only downloads emails from your Inbox. Emails in other folders, like Send and Drafts are not downloaded.
By default, Gmail downloads the emails and then removes them from the server. We recommend that you check the option to leave a copy of the email on the server. That way you can still access your emails in Webmail.

Google Mail Fetcher functionality allows you to add your cPanel email account into Gmail webmail, so you will be able to conveniently check both accounts in one place. It will act as an email client – just like you can add multiple email accounts to Outlook or MacMail, you can add several accounts to Gmail interface.

In order to do so, follow the steps below:
Log in to your Gmail account and go into Settings menu

Navigate to Accounts and Import tab

Click on Add a mail account option in Check mail from other accounts section

Enter the address of your cPanel email account and click on Next

Select "Import emails from my other account (POP3)" and click Next

On the next page configure the settings as follows:

Username: full cPanel email address
Password: password for your email account
POP Server: server your account is hosted on e.g.
Port: 995 (This is POP3 port with SSL settings enabled)

Checkmark the options you need:

Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail
Label incoming messages
Archive incoming messages

NOTE: If by any chance you do not remember your password, you can easily reset it in your cPanel > Email accounts menu > Change password option.

Click on Add Account.

Once your account is successfully added, you can decide whether to use this email as From address. This way you will be able to compose messages in Gmail, but have them appear to be sent from your cPanel email address. Check Yes option to enable this functionality:

Enter the Name you would like to see in the FROM field.

Remember to check the box for "Treat as an alias" before clicking on Next Step

Configure the settings as follows:

SMTP server: server your account is hosted on e.g.
Username: full cPanel email address
Password: password for your email account
Port: 465 (with Secured connection using SSL option enabled)

Click on Add Account once all the details are filled.

You shall see the following prompt asking for confirmation code.

Now check the verification code sent to your cPanel email address (since you already added the account in Gmail, the code will be delivered to Gmail inbox).

Click on that email and locate the Confirmation Code

Paste the Confirmation Code in the corresponding field and click on Verify to finish the setup process:

That's it ! Now you can start sending your custom email from inside your Gmail account !

Updated on: 10/08/2018

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