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Email not sending from Client or Webmail


Trying to send out emails from multiple email accounts fail from both webmail and third party email clients.

Possible Reasons:

The maximum emails per hour have been exceeded. This can be caused by forwarders or by mailing lists. The default is 150 per hour. Feel free to contact us via Phone, Live Chat or by Opening a Ticket if you would like this increased. Please include detailed information regarding why you need the limit increased.

This can be caused if one of the accounts has reached or exceeded its Disk Quota for the email account. This can, at times, cause other email addresses on the account to not be able to send email. There will also be problems when sending an email from an online external email client such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail to that email address. The email will bounce back as undeliverable.

Exim, the local MTA (mail transfer agent), could be down on the server.

Our mail proxy servers could have their email queues backed up. When this happens, please be patient as there will be a delay of 3-4 hours before the email is delivered.


Potential Solutions:

If the email is returning a 550 verification failed or sender verify failed error, when sending from that email address and other email addresses on the account, then it could be related to one account exceeding its quota or related to authentication of the SMTP server from the email client. If you get the error below, from the webmail client SquirrelMail, then it's due to the mailbox quota reaching its limit.
Sending an email inside webmail to the email address which has the quota exceeded will result in a bounceback error.
When sending an email to the email address from an external client (such as from hotmail), a bounceback message will arrive saying:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

When logging into cPanel, the upper left hand corner will list a warning for each email
account that has met its quota.

You can then go to Email Accounts and either delete emails to decrease the Disk Space size of what has been stored, or you can increase the Disk Quota storage by selecting Change Quota.

Now, when you send out email it will be delivered.

Updated on: 05/12/2018

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