New .MY Domain Name LifeCycle

Dear Valued Customers,

To keep up with global standards, MYNIC has revised/changed in the .MY Domain Name Lifecycle, which will affect Billing Cycle.

Effective 1st February 2024, MYNIC has introduced "Auto Renew Grace Period" upon domain expiry.

What is Auto Renew Grace Period?

This means your domain name will be automatically renewed to 1 year upon expiry and reflected as “auto renew period” at WHOIS domain status.

.MY Auto Renew Grace Period

For .MY domain names, Auto Renew Grace Period is set at 40 days upon expiry. Your domain names will still be active for the first 30 days, and then be suspended for the next 10 days if left unpaid. Refer diagram below:

After that, MYNIC provides an extra Redemption Grace Period of 30 days, during which you still have the option to renew + restore it with an additional redemption fee.

Once the Renewal and Redemption Grace Periods have lapsed, the domain will go into a pending delete phase for 5 days before it is deleted and returned to the public market.

We highly advise for all our clients to take note on all important domains and make early renewal.

Should you require domain renewal invoice or any assistance, you may submit your ticket through our helpdesk OR
simply enter our livechat support. We will try our best to assist.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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