This new tutorial will show you the steps on how to configure the mail service of your Concrete5 website with SMTP. This is an excellent way of delivering all system emails on your website from a specific email account and ensure they are properly delivered.

This tutorial shall be divided into 2 steps:

Step 1: Create Email Account in cPanel
Kindly follow this tutorial on how to create your own email account inside cPanel:

Step 2: Setting Up SMTP
The next step is to configure the mail service of your actual website with SMTP. Log into the administrative area of your website and select the Dashboard button at the top-right corner of the screen. Locate and click on the System & Settings button.

Locate the Email section and then click on the SMTP Method option.

Choose the External SMTP Server and edit the following options:

Mail Server: (you need to replace to your actual domain name).
Username: Enter your email account created in Step 1.
Password: Enter the email account password.
Encryption: TLS
Port: Leave it blank

Click on the Save button to keep the changes.

The system will automatically configure your website's mail service wtih SMTP.
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