For manual backup restoration, you need to perform both Files & Folders and Database restoration.

For files restoration, this method is pretty straightforward as you can upload the ZIP file you have previously created in this tutorial using File Manager. You can unzip the zipped file into public_html or other subdirectory (depending on where you install TYPO3 at the first place).

For database backup restoration, you need to perform the following steps:

Create a new MySQL Database and Username by using MYSQL Wizard

Once you create a new and empty database on your account (using Step 1 method above), you can proceed further with the restore. First, access your cPanel account and locate the Databases section. Click on the phpMyAdmin service.

Select the newly created database on your account from the list on the left side of the screen.

Click on the Import button at the top menu.

Select the dump backup copy of your database from your local computer and click on the Go button to proceed with the import.

Here comes the most important part, you need to edit the_ LocalConfiguration.php_ file with the latest MySQL database name, username and password.

Save the file and you will be able to access your restored website normally.
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