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How to Register Custom Nameserver (Reseller Hosting only)

If you wish to register your own custom nameserver and domain name registered from us, you can follow this tutorial:

Obtain the nameserver IP from the welcome email that we sent to you.

For Example:

Login to Client Area -> My Domains -> Manage Domain -> Management Tools -> Register Nameservers

Please key in the nameserver that you wish to register and the nameserver IP, after that click on Add Name Server

You will get something like below:

Now you need to change your nameserver to the custom nameserver that you registered. Go to My Domains -> Manage Domains -> Nameservers

After all the above done, please do the rest in your hosting control panel:

a) For cPanel control panel:

i) Please login to WHM and change your nameserver:

ii) Now login to cPanel and add the DNS A record by clicking on "Zone Editor" > "+ A Record"

b) For Directadmin:

i. Login to Directadmin -> Reseller Level -> Nameservers and set to your own nameservers.

Updated on: 10/12/2018

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