By default, you do not need to follow this tutorial unless you wish to replace the database name with a new database or replacing existing db username with a new one.

Login to your Bolt administrator dashboard and click on Configuration >> Main Configuration

You shall see config://config.yml immediately. This is the file that is responsible for the configurations of the application. Now you should directly see that the database named ‘Bolt’ is configured with the SQLite driver.

In order to change Bolt to use the MySQL database driver you would first have to create a mysql database and database user. Kindly follow this tutorial to create a new MySQL and username via MySQL Wizard

The fields that you need to edit in order to configure Bolt with a MySQL database are:

Driver - Enter "mysql" without the quotes.
Username - Enter the username that you have assigned to your database with all privileges.
Password- Enter the password for the user.
Databasename - Enter the name of the MySQL database you have created.
Host - localhost

In order to reflect the correct setup of Bolt with MySQL database, we will show you an example of how this should look like:

When you are ready, simply click on the Save button to keep the changes.

When you complete the change, you can click anywhere on your admin dashboard.

For instance, you can click on Configuration >> Main configuration

The system will take you back to the user creation page, as you have changed the Bolt configuration settings.

You now need to create a new user, which will be stored in the MySQL database.

Fill in the details, click on the Create the first user button at the bottom and you will be able to access your website again.

Congratulations! we have successfully reconfigured the database belonging to our Bolt CMS!
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