We shall divide this tutorial into 2 sections:
Manual backup of files & folders
Manual backup of MySQL Database via PhpMyadmin

Section 1: Manual Backup of Files & Folders
You can use cPanel File Manager to zip up all the folder containing the TYPO3 files and folders.

Here's the instruction on how to compress your files and folders

Once you're done with the compression, you can download the zip file into your computer using Filezilla FTP.

Section 2: Export MySQL database (Backup) via phpMyAdmin
First you need to identify your database username and password which have been used for this installation.

For TYPO3, the database information is located in the following path:

Here's a sample of LocalConfiguration.php with the MySQL database details:

Next, login to your cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin

Once you access the database, you will be able to see all of the tables in it. Click on the Export button at the top menu to proceed with the backup.

Click on the Go button to export a dump backup copy of your database to your local computer.

Congratulations! You have generated both files and database backup successfully!
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