Login to your cPanel control panel and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Type TYPO3 on the search menu on the left and wait for the search result to populate under Portals/CMS. Click on the TYPO3 and you shall be redirected to the page below:

Click on the Install Now button.

You shall see the following 3 sections: Software setup, Site Settings & Admin Account

Software Setup
Choose the version: You can select the version of TYPO3 that you wish to install on your account. If you require the older release, simply select it from the drop-down box.
Choose Protocol: This will set the protocol for your new website. Make sure that you do not select the https protocol if you do not have a dedicated SSL certificate for your domain, installed by our team.
Choose Domain: You will be able to select the primary domain of your account, or any subdomains/parked or addon domains that you have on your account.
In Directory: If you wish to place your TYPO3 installation in a subdirectory, you can simply enter it's name here. Alternatively, leave the field blank to install the application directly on your domain.

Site Settings
Site Name: Set the name of your actual website. It will be displayed at the top bar when someone is accessing your website.

Admin Account
Admin Username: Set the username of the administrator
Admin Password: Set a password for the administrator
Admin Email: Set the email of the administrator

When you are ready with the options described above, simply hit the Install button to proceed with the actual process.

The installation of TYPO3 will take a few seconds.

Upon successful completion, you will be presented with direct links to your homepage and the administrative area as well.

NOTE: The latest TYPO3 CMS requires the installation of PHP version 7.2.0 and above.

Solution: Follow the instructions here
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