SilverStripe is an open source CMS (Content Management System) platform that will enable you to create your own website immediately. It offers a variety number of essential features for the development of your website and handling day-to-day update of the content of your website.

The best thing about SilverStripe is user-friendliness and easy of use. In other words, the framework is built with the user in mind. The most important features for the management of a CMS website feel natural and you will quickly get familiar with SilverStripe.

Meanwhile, you can easily find a place to share your thoughts or requesting assistance for your project. Why? This is due to the large community of people using the application and the regularly updated blog content.

Here's how you can install SilverStripe by using the Softaculous installer inside your cPanel:

Login to cPanel and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

In the left-hand sidebar, you will see the software list split into categories like Blogs, Social Networking, E-Commerce etc. Type Silverstripe as seen below.

Click on the Install button.

Under Software Setup, enter the details below:

The first section is called Software Setup and it is regarding the actual configuration of your new website.

Choose Protocol: You need to choose the protocol for your website.
NOTE: Do not choose the https protocol if you do not have SSL certificate installed on your domain.

Choose Domain: The domain that you will be using for your installation. If you have any addon or subdomains on your account, you will be able to choose any of them here. If not, only the primary domain name of your account will be visible.

In Directory: This will specify if you would like to set your installation in a subfolder on your account or the root of your domain name, selected above. If you want to install SilverStripe into the root directory of your domain name, leave this field blank.

Site Settings: The name of your new website and a description for it.

Admin Account: Set the root access for the administrative area of your new website. From there, you will be able to manipulate your new CMS system and build it per your needs.

Press the Install button once you're ready as highlighted below:

The SilverStripe installation via Softaculous is now completed successfully. You can record the main URL for your new website and start building your new system. Enjoy!

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