The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the manual installation process of SilverStripe instead of using Softaculous. There are several steps involved for manual installation and you are required to pay maximum attention.

Here's the instructions:

Step 1: Download Installer File from Website

Visit SilverStripe official website here and click on the Download zip button.

Step 2: Prepare Relevant File e.g. Database etc.

Extract the downloaded zip file containing SilverStripe. Remember to upload the files into the relevant directory of path to your liking.

For example, if you would like to access your new website directly using your domain, you need to upload the SilverStripe files to the /public_html directory of your account. However, if your domain name is called and you would like to access your website from a subfolder, such as, in this case, you will need to create a "silverstripe" folder within the public_html/ directory of your account and then upload the files in it.

Step 3: Initiate Installation

Assuming that you are installing the script within the /public_html directory of your account. This way, you need to access****, where is your actual domain name and you need to substitute that. All of the installation steps are listed on a single screen with SilverStripe, but we will review them as a separate steps.

The system will attempt to check if the server meets all of the requirements for the installation of SilverStripe. However, as you have not yet entered the database information for your new website, the system will inform you about that within the Database Configuration section of this step.

To create your own MySQL database and username, kindly refer to our existing guide below:
How to Create your own MySQL Database and Username using Wizard

With your new MySQL details, you may now insert the following details:

Database Server - Enter "localhost" without the quotes if the database is stored on the same server as the files of your new installation.
Database Username - Enter the user assigned to your new database created above.
Database Password - Enter the new database password created above.
Database Name - Enter the database to be used on your new website.

When you are ready, click on the Re-check Requirements button in order to resolve the warning in the previous step.

Next, you need to set the administrative account for your new SilverStripe website. The details you need to enter are:

Email - The administrative email address you wish to use.
Password - The password for your admin account.
Default Language - Select the language you would like to use on your new website.

You have the option to choose the template for your new website. The Simple template will also include sample data for the new SilverStripe installation. However, if you select the Empty Template option, the installation will be completed with no data on it.

Enable/disable the function to send any information about your website to the SilverStripe development team and click on the Install SilverStripe button to proceed.

Step 4: Installation Completed
The system will automatically setup your new SilverStripe website by referring to your previously entered details.

Remember to delete the installation files by clicking on the Click Here To Delete Install Files option.
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