Login to your cPanel dashboard and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Search for "Pimcore" on the left menu. You need to click on Pimcore under Portal/CMS section.

You will be redirected to Pimcore software description page. Click on the Install Now button as highlighted below.

Enter your Pimcore CMS details at the Software Setup section as follow:

Choose Protocol – The protocol your application should be accessed with
Choose Domain – The domain name your application should be accessed on. Here you can also choose any other subdomain you have configured.
In Directory – Pimcore can not be installed in sub-directory. Leave this blank!
Cron job – This is something that Pimcore need and you can ignore changes for that option.

The next section is called Admin Account. Here you can configure the Admin Username and Admin Password you will be using after the installation in order to access the admin section of the Pimcore platform.

You can leave the default option for Advanced Options. Press the Install button to begin installation.

Once installation is complete without any error, you will be able to view the admin login URL for your Pimcore CMS.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Pimcore application on your web hosting account with us!
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