The maintenance mode is one of the core features of Concrete5 and you do not need additional modules for that. If the maintenance mode is enabled and you log out of your account, you will see the following message on the front end of your website.

How to Enable Maintenance Mode
To enable maintenance mode on your Concrete5 website, you need to access your website as administrator and then click on the Dashboard button at the top-right corner. Select the System & Settings option.

Scroll to the Permissions & Access section and click on the Maintenance Mode option.

To switch on maintenance mode, just click once on Enabled and press the Save button at the bottom right corner.

How to Disable Maintenance Mode
To disable the maintenance mode on your website, you need to follow the exact same steps as highlighted above. However, at the final step, you simply need to choose the Disabled button and then click the Save button at the bottom right corner.

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