You have 2 ways to generate backups for SilverStripe website.

Generate backup from Softaculous
Manual Backup (Files and Database)

Method 1: Backup Using Softaculous
Login to your cPanel account and click on "Softaculous Apps Installer".

Next search for your SilverStripe installation and click on the icon as highlighted below.

Enter Backup Note (optional) and press the Backup Installation button.

Now your backup is ready. However, if you wish to restore the new backup you've just generated, you just need to click on the Backup & Restore button. Next click on the button as shown below.

Check the boxes for both Directory and Database (if these are the components you wish to restore. You may select one of these too) before pressing the Restore Installation to initiate restoration.

Method 2: Manual Backup
If using manual backup, then you will need to perform 2 steps:

Backup Files Manually Using FTP
Backup Database via PhpMyadmin

Step 1: Backup Files Manually Using FTP
The SilverStripe contents are located within the public_html/ directory of your account and this is the folder that you need to create a backup for. However, if your website is in a subfolder, for example called "silverstripe" and your website is accessible via, where is your actual domain. In this case, you need to create a backup of the "silverstripe" folder only.

Once you are sure about the location of your SilverStripe website on your cPanel account, you need to download the whole folder by using your FTP client such as FileZilla.

Step 2: Backup Database via PhpMyadmin
This database exporting procedure is similar to the MySQL database export using PhpMyadmin. Kindly refer to this tutorial to perform the same steps.

To restore database backup, you just need to follow this tutorial.
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