Since you already own a cPanel account with us, you can backup both files and databases for your TYPO3 CMS.

Login to your cPanel account and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Type TYPO3 on the left search menu and click once on TYPO3. Scroll down to Current Installations and click on the backup button as seen below

Depending on your needs whether you wish to backup files & folders OR database only, then you need to check the relevant boxes. In our example, we generated both backups.

Enter the Backup note for your backup file and leave the Backup location to default.

Once you're happy with your backup settings, click on the Backup Installation button to begin backup generation.

Congratulations! your backups have been generated successfully!

You may see the following message when the backups have been saved in the server.

If you wish to restore your newly generated backup in the future (due to file lost or database corrupt), you can always access the Backups and Restore section and click on the Restore button as seen below.

Click Restore button:

Check the boxes for the files or database you wish to restore:
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