You may consider changing the localization options for your website in order to make it more accessible for a broader demographic. The reason for this change is due to the fact that not all users have English as their native language.

Here's how you can perform the configuration changes:

Login to your admin area and click on the Configuration section located on the left panel.

Click on System tab and click once more on the Languages menu >> Site.

Now, you can perform the changes (if necessary) by edit one of the following sections:

Supported – The supported languages can be incorporated here with their 2 letter language codes (en,de,fr)
Include default language – This will include the language code in the url (/en/blog/news1)
Translations enabled – Enabling this will support the translations in Grav and all of its components
Translations fallback – If the active language does not have a value for certain content the content will revert to a supported translation.
Active language in session – This will store the current active language in the session so the user won’t have to select it each time (only during this current session)
Set language from browser – When enabled this will try to set the language from the user’s browser
Override locale – This will overwrite the locale PHP setting based on the current language in use

Once you have completed the changes, remember to press the Save button at the top right corner to save changes.
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