Clearing cache in Grav is very much straightforward compare to other CMS such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

For instance, the Clear Cache button is right on top of the admin dashboard screen. You just need to click it once from the drop down menu and click on All Cache.

That's how easy it is !

However, you can also choose other caching options too! Here's how you can follow our instructions:

Login to your Grav administrator login dashboard and click on Configuration >> System >> Caching

The caching options are as follows:

Caching – Enables/disables Grav Caching
Cache check method – Here you can choose from 3 options – File Timestamp, Folder Timestamp, Markdown + YAML timestamp or None
Cache driver – If you have a few different caching options enabled you can either select the one you prefer or use Auto Detect and let Grav choose the most optimized method
Cache prefix – The prefix used by Grav to mark caching
Lifetime – Here you can set the lifetime of the cache in seconds (0=infinite)
Gzip compression – Enables Gzip compression for increased performance

You now know how to setup and clear your website’s cache.
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