Since you already own a cPanel account with us, you can backup both files and databases for your Pimcore CMS.

Login to your cPanel account and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Search for Pimcore on the search bar and click on Pimcore.

Now you shall see the Pimcore Installation Page. Scroll down to "Current Installations" and click on the backup icon as shown below:

Enter your preferred backup file name as highlighted below. Set the backup location to Default

Press the Backup Installation button to initiate the backup process.

Once backup is completed, you shall see the following message:

The backup was created successfully. You can access it from the Backups page.

Click on the highlighted icon to access your backups.

You can now download the full backup copy into your computer by clicking on the Download backup button.

NOTE: You can restore backup too by clicking on the Restore button.

Both files and database backup belonging to Pimscore have been saved at server end if you follow this method
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