Learning how to manage the users on your website is becoming increasingly important because this allows you to keep up with the audience that is reviewing your website.

In Concrete5, this is considered as one of the core features of this product.

To manage the users' on your website and their details. you need to perform the following steps:

Section 1: Add Users
Login to your Concrete5 dashboard, and click on Dashboard . Next you click on Members section of the dashboard and click on Add User.

Enter the following details:

Username - Enter the username of the new user on your website.
Password - Enter a password for it.
Email address- Set the email address for the new user on your website.
Language - Choose a language for the new user.
Registration Data - Choose if the user will receive notifications from your website via email.
Groups - Add the user to a certain user group.

Section 2: Edit Users
To edit a user on your Concrete5 website, you need to access the Dashboard again and locate the Members section. Click on the Search Users button in the section.

Click on the user that you wish to edit. Note that you can filter the users on your website to find the one you need easily.

Click on the information you wish to edit e.g. username, email address, profile etc.

Section 3: Delete Users
This action is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow the same steps as when you edit users. Locate the actual user that you wish to remove and click on the Delete button at the top-right corner of the screen.

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