The reason why this tutorial is created is to guide you on how to add a new user into your Silverstripe website without going through the usual way of default registration process, i.e. via the front-end of your website. To do this, kindly refer to the step-by-step tutorial below:

Login to your SilverStripe administrator dashboard and click on Security on the left sidebar.

Click on Users on the top right corner and then on Add Member.

Edit the following options for the new user:

First Name: Set the first name of the new user.
Surname: Set the surname of the new user.
Email: Set the email account of the new user.
Password: Enter the password that will be used by the user to log into your website.
Confirm Password: Enter the password again for verification.
Interface Language: Enter the language that will be used for the new user. This language will be set on your website when the user logs in.
Failed Login Count: Maximum failed login attempts allowed
Groups: Enter a group for the new user. The system will automatically configure the user with any roles that you have assigned for the selected group.

Click on the Create button below to confirm the changes. The system will automatically create the new user with the details you have entered above.
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