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Checking/Release Quarantined Emails via SpamExperts Control Panel

First, login to your Serverfreak's client area first via

Then, you should see the following box which you can use to direct-login to your SpamExperts control panel. If you have multiple domains with SpamExperts, simply choose the correct domains via the dropdown box before clicking on the Manage button

Once you've arrived to the SpamExperts panel page, click on Spam Quarantine to view quarantined emails

From there, you can do the following actions for the quarantined emails. For example, you can;

Release and train from quarantine
(if you think the email is legit, and should not be flagged as spam in the future. This will release the email train it as not-spam, and SpamExperts will deliver it to the intended receivers)

Block sender and remove from quarantine
(You will block the sender, and remove the chosen email from the SpamExperts quarantine)

Add sender to allow list
(This will whitelist the sender, and future emails from this sender will not be checked for spam, and will directly be delivered to the intended receivers)

- and more. The above are the few that are commonly being used often

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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